Mid-State Filigree Systems  

860,000 sq-ft. of Filigree forms the decks and walls of
  this exclusive transportation center in Atlantic City, NJ.

The Filigree Wideslab?
Method of

Poured-in-place Decks
Without Field Formwork

The Filigree Wideslab? Method:

The Filigree Wideslab method has a 40 year success record as an efficient and economic construction process that results in safe and lasting structures. Filigree construction and design is in full compliance with the former BOCA and current ACI and ICC building codes.

The Filigree method is a process for construction of concrete decks that successfully integrates "factory precast" and field-construction technologies. This is accomplished by constructing such decks from two interconnected concrete placements, one made in a factory, and the other done in the field.

The process begins by manufacturing in a factory relatively thin precast concrete panels with the needed  reinforcing for the lower portion of the deck, shipping them to the site, and erecting these panels on shoring. 

Subsequently, the second layer of concrete with needed reinforcing, for the upper part of the deck, is placed on top of the precast panels at the site, which completes the construction process. 

This process effectively accelerates the construction of structures with enhanced physical and aesthetic properties, and in most cases, may reduce their construction cost.

The Filigree Wideslab method of deck construction can be applied anywhere conventionally poured-in-place concrete is specified. It can be used for flat plate, beam and slab or wall-bearing concrete structures.. Any strength requirements needed for poured-in-place construction can be readily met with the Filigree method.

? Filigree Wideslab is a registered trademark of Mid-State Filigree Systems, Inc.

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